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Kia Ora

JustSpeak is a network of young people speaking to, and speaking up for a new generation of thinkers who want change in our criminal justice system.

Based on evidence and experience, we seek to create a safer and more just Aotearoa by minimising imprisonment, enabling better rehabilitation for offenders, and focusing on the social problems that lead to offending.

Latest Posts


What to do when your country is addicted to prison

In Aotearoa New Zealand we have a prison addiction. We are sending our people – and in particular our Māori and Pacific Island people – behind bars in greater and greater numbers. In the words of our Minister of Finance, Bill English, prison is a moral and fiscal failure. But in the five years since […]

Including 17 year olds in the youth justice system- the facts

In July Cabinet will decide whether or not to raise the age of youth justice to include 17 year olds. This raise has been recommended by the Expert Advisory Panel[i], and Cabinet have already accepted their recommendation to increase the age of care to 18, with some support available to early 20s. Did you know […]

Extending the Youth Court Jurisdiction

By Emily Tombs When New Zealand’s current model of youth justice was introduced by the passage of the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989 (CYPF), it was innovative, “world renowned” and, a “new paradigm shift”.1 Through time, our resistance to raising the upper age to include 17 year olds within Youth Court jurisdiction has […]