Unlocking Prisons

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Unlocking Prisons is a comprehensive report on how we can improve New Zealand’s prison system.

This report looks at why we imprison people; the impact imprisonment has on prisoners, their families and the wider community; and the alternatives and improvements to prisons that will better keep our communities safe and ensure crime is dealt with appropriately.

You can download the report as a PDF for free.

If you want to download Unlocking Prisons without giving your name and email, feel free to pick your favourite pseudonym and make up an email address, or just enter something like ‘Name XYZ ‘ and ‘abc@email.com’.

We have completed our first run of printed copies so unfortunately have none left. If you would like a printed copy please email justspeaknz@gmail.com for more info. We are currently gauging support for the viability of a second run.

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